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Population Age 65 and Older
Population Below Poverty
Population Employed

Arts Related Employment
Attendance: Art and Cultural Events
Attendance: Recreational Attractions
Charitable Giving
Diversity: Relative by School District
Diversity: Bias-Related Incidents
Voting: Registered Voters
Voting: Gubernatorial Elections
Voting: Presidential Elections
Contested Elections

Home Ownership Rate
Home Sales and Median Price
Home Sales Median Price by School District
Income: Annual
Income: Real
Industry: Employment
Industry: Mix of Type
Industry: GDP
Poverty: Children in Poverty by School District
Poverty: All Ages in Poverty
Travel Time to Work
Achievement: PSSA Results by School District
Achievement: Graduation Rates by School District
Achievement: High School Graduates
Achievement: Bachelor Degrees or Higher
Childcare Facilities: Number
Childcare Facilities: Four Star
Free Lunch Percentage by School District
Idle Youth Ages 16-19

Air Quality
Impaired Streams
Land Preserved
Waste Recycled

Health Insurance Ages 18-64
Leading Causes of Death
Leading Causes of Death: Ages 5 - 24
Leading Causes of Death: Ages 25 - 44
Leading Causes of Death: Ages 45 - 64
Prenatal Care
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Teen Motherhood
Tobacco Use

Child Abuse
Driving Under the Influence
Non-Violent Crime
Violent Crime
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